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Webinarjam download webinar Jam:

Have you ever been sitting down to one of these webinars and people are either dawdling along or you already know who they are, so you don’t need to hear their whole life story?

Don’t you want to just jump ahead a bit? Seriously, all you want to do is get what they promised you in the pitch and get the REAL information for which you gave your email. Correct?

Well in this video I am going to show you how to download webinarjam and take control of a webinarjam webinar so you can make the most of your time. After all, you have chosen to give your valuable time to listen to these people, the least they could do is respect you and just get to the fundamentals of the talk.

The main reason I have chosen to show you this on webinarjam is that it is a platform where people actually don’t do a real webinar. It is a recorded video which is all set up where you are expected to believe that you are in a live webinar. It really could be looked at as a bit deceptive and I am only trying to help those who may want to save a little time and frustration.

After all, it was a pain I felt and I figured it out, so I thought I’d share the love. Now don’t get me wrong, I actually appreciate webinarjam webinars. Because I have a busy schedule as do a lot of other people. The greatest part about webinarjam is we don’t have to actually have to listen in at some other inconvenient time.

At least with webinarjam we can get into the webinar with a bit of flexibility and get to it quickly. I have just added an additional level of control to the entire situation. Let’s just say it’s a meeting of the minds for those who might choose to take advantage of the knowledge I have laid before you. Yes, of course, we all understand that there is a process to the video sales letter. But seriously, a two-hour webinar is just way too much. We don’t even sit through feature films that last 2 hours. In light of this, I find it is kind of funny that you want us to pay close attention, but there’s no darn way we can pay attention, because we have to multitask to get the rest of our work done. Let’s face it, unless it is really damn good – and most are not – your webinar is way too long. So I have decided to show some people in a nice way how to take control of a webinarjam webinar.

Now, there are some other ways to do this with different webinars and I’m going to leave the experimentation up to you. Or if someone would be so kind in the comments, please try to be nice, I am just trying to help here; give us some tips on how to get into some of the other webinars, etc. I hope you can appreciate this little tip as being a helpful gesture to those who may really need it or want to utilize it. I think there should be controls on ALL webinars and we should have the option to move at any pace we wish. If you have something good, then it will still sell. But if it is just way too expensive or unbelievable, I want to know. I hope this is appreciated by those who feel the same pain I do with being locked in these webinars. Cheers!


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