A Visit to Livingston gives you a sense of rich history and modern amenity; put the future to rest, just for a stay.

Murray Hotel Winter Getaway 2019

The Murray Hotel: Originally known as the Elite Hotel in the early 1900’s, the hotel was later purchased by Josephine Kline who renamed it the Kline Hotel. She bought the adjacent building with money borrowed from James A. Murray and expanded the hotel. When Murray died his heirs used legal manipulations to gain possession of the hotel. Josephine Kline was evicted and the Murray Hotel got the name that it still has to this day.

One of the best things about downtown Livingston, MT is that people have worked hard to preserve our history, especially in regards to the old buildings and houses. We are also lucky to have access to an enormous collection of wonderful photographs documenting the history of our small town. These photos can be found at the Yellowstone Gateway Museum’s website in the Bill and Doris Whithorn Online Database. The Friends of Yellowstone Gateway Museum have also just come out with a book called Photo History of Livingston. It is a great book with amazing photos. As you walk through downtown you can still find many of the buildings shown in photographs in the book.

Anyone interested in history should go take a look at the Whithorn Collection online and consider buying the book before you come out to visit. We also have a few copies available at the hotel.

The Murray has a personality of its own, a thing as tangible and real as its marble stairways, yet as hard to define as music or an aroma.

Murray Hotel Winter Getaway

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